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{Welcome} Hello and welcome to this pretty plain website. Realized entirely without flash-trash and crappy Javascript. As you probably already guessed, while looking around, it is not quite finished to the degree that I want it to be finished to. There are supposed to be more tips in the GNU/Linux section and some more entries in Misc. But I first got to rewrite some of the sites for misc in a way that is more fitting and it's just time consuming to write up tips in an understandable fashion. Patience will be rewarded.

{Important note} I tried to optimize this website for all browsers, where it was feasible. But due to the strange behavior of forms in the different browsers, it was not quite possible, to make it appear the same throughout all browsers. It displays as intended in Firefox and Konqueror. In Opera it is displayed slightly different. I could not test it with Safari yet and I don't give a damn about the Internet Explorer.

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